New CD of the Simon-Várjon Piano Duo
The Hungarian record label, Hungaroton has just released the new CD of Izabella Simon and Dénes Várjon, entitled "The French Album", featuring works by Fauré, Debussy and Ravel.

"For us, piano duets are a particularly special form of musical expression, somewhere between solo playing and chamber music. If the two-headed dragon of fairytales were to exist, he would probably feel something like a duo playing piano duets. Two performers on one instrument, who have to function as a complete unit. Every musical thought and idea, every feeling and motion must immediately be transformed into a shared intention. Meanwhile other obstacles to be overcome include a slightly awkward position at the keyboard, and the fact that only one player uses the pedals of the piano. And yet playing duets is such an incredible source of inspiration, the benefit is reaped in all other genres of music-making. Great masters composed extremely generously for this combination. Starting with the masterpieces of Mozart up to the present day, piano duets have a rich, varied repertoire at their fingertips." (Izabella Simon, Dénes Várjon)