István Várdai Awarded "Ex du Pré-Harrell Stradivarius"
István Várdai has received the extended loan of the famous "Ex du Pré-Harrell Stradivarius".

The instrument has been purchased recently from its American owner by a generous benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous. 

The "Ex du Pré-Harrell Stradivarius" was fabricated in 1673 by Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari of Cremona. It has also been known generically as the 1673 Stradivarius, as it is the only cello made by Stradivari in that year. Fewer than 65 Strad cellos survive and only 27 cellos dated before 1700. Recent owners of The 1673 have included legendary British cellist Jacqueline du Pré, American cellist Lynn Harrell and Russian Nina Kotova.