CD of Giovanni Guzzo with Ysaye Solo Sonatas Released
The Rubicon Classical label has just released the integral of Ysaӱe's Sonatas for Solo Violin, some of the most formidably difficult music in the repertoire. "We haven’t been short of recordings of Eugène Ysaӱe’s six sonatas lately, but this one, by Venezuelan violinist Giovanni Guzzo, deserves extra attention" the Guardian writes about the CD.

Giovanni Guzzo’s  passionate virtuosity and poetic artistry have drawn critical acclaim and plaudits from fellow musicians. The 30-year-old Venezuelan violinist’s latest recording is set to reinforce his reputation as a performer of the highest calibre, one devoted to profound expression and potent communication.  Above all, Guzzo’s revelatory readings of Ysaÿe’s technically demanding, emotionally rich sonatas connect with the heartfelt lyricism of each
composition. “It was a huge mountain to climb – the Everest of the violin repertoire,” he recalls. “But recording the Ysaÿe sonatas was such a fulfilling and revelatory experience.”