Giovanni Guzzo Appointed Concertmaster of Camerata Salzburg
Classical Concert Agency is proud to announce the appointment of its violinist, Giovanni Guzzo as new concertmaster of Camerata Salzburg.

One of the world's leading chamber orchestras, Camerata Salzburg was founded in 1952 by the Salzburg conductor and musicologist Bernhard Paumgartner and gained international fame above all under Sándor Végh. It was Végh who put the special “Camerata Sound” on the lips of the musical world. Each voice of the orchestra is given the space it deserves, though without ever neglecting the whole. In doing so, the individuality of each of the 36 musicians is brought to full effect. One of the world's busiest chamber orchestras, tours of Camerata take the ensemble from its home base at the Mozarteum to venues around the globe.