New Bartók CD of Kristóf Baráti
Kristóf Baráti and his wife, Karolina Kondorosi have recorded for the Hungaroton label Béla Bartók's 44 Duos for Two Violins. The CD was released on 23 February, 2023.

Asked in 1931 by Erich Doflein to arrange a couple of pieces from the series For Children for two violins for his new violin tutorial, Bartók sent instead 44 original compositions. In these excellent two-violin miniatures appear in a wonderful mixture the world of village fiddling with the virtuoso concert violin playing, and at the same time, the young player is introduced to the technical and performance practice of violin chamber music.

The duos were originally published as a series arranged in order of difficulty for pedagogical purposes, but Bartók himself suggested different selections and orders for a concert hall performance. In this recording, the pieces are played in an order imagined by the artists, organized into six cycles.